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Greetings and a warm welcome to the online home of NAKA Designs, LLC. Momo and Fitz are happy you found us on the World Wide Web and hope that, by doing so, you are motivated to take a look at our most recent work as well as our rather lengthy legacy of idea-based architecture and interior design. This web site represents both our nod to that body of work and a promise to move forward with not only a thoughtful approach, but one which leads to more enjoyment, more excitement, and an even higher level of quality in architecture and interior design.

[n. nah-kah]

  1. Place within
  2. Company of creativity, pragmatism, surprise, and curiosity

[Plural n. di-zainz]

  1. The arts and sciences of planning.
  2. The formal acts of spatial arrangement.

[adj. nah-kah-oh-n-ee-uh-n]

  1. Designers
  2. Place Makers
  3. Space Makers
  4. Dreamers
  5. World Travelers
  6. Purveyors of ideas
  7. Stewards of the land

The Wildcat Lodge

The Wildcat Lodge

Based strongly and unabashedly upon the legacy of Gilbert Stanley Underwood and his tragically lacerated Lodge at the North Rim, this grand home overlooks a great mountain chasm high in the Colorado Rockies. The house was meant to become, in a sense, a clear presentation of intriguing simplicity and of delicate western craftsmanship. Simultaneously, the approach, arrival and experience of this great mountain escape suggest that the mass of the building and its rich materiality disguise a boastful and somewhat mysterious complexity.

Thursday, August 29, 2013
Atrii Apartments, Denver, CO
We have been working with a local developer on sprucing up a number of their for-rent properties and have successfully completed the Atrii Apartments' clubhouse. It is located just East of Cherry Creek and while the demographic is between 22-32, the original design felt outdated, dark, and rather cold.... read all